The Firm

The core of TLL rests in three Cities, Beirut, Paris and London, as it is there that our founder members developed their skill and knowledge base since 1975. The connections created remain firm and TLL still remains the first choice among a number of firms both in Europe and the United States including some members of CMS such as in Germany and France and is working with firms such as CMS in London on a complex arbitration. In addition TLL has worked with L G, the firm formerly known as Lawrence Graham on a collaborative basis and with a common clients base in addition to jointly working on multiple governmental projects such as Twelve BOT schemes in the Lebanon, the structuring of several major trusts and other financial investments ventures in Europe. Supplementing those links to law firms around the world, TLL has formed a Board of International Specialist Advisers to support its development and to provide proven expertise on particular issues and transactions.

The Lebanon has, for many years, serviced the Gulf and MENA [Middle East and North Africa] region and we continue to do so, in part, through the TLL Network of like minded law firms who are dedicated to delivering a high level of service in an expeditious and cost effective manner. Whilst the TLL Network is currently a partly formal and partly informal relationship with representatives in Syria: International Legal Bureau, in UAE: Law House Advocates and Legal Consultants and in KSA: EK Partners & Al-Enezee Legal Counsel (combined with Squire Sanders). TLL would actively endeavour to form an alliance predicated on the approach of TLL namely a high commercial and academic prowess amongst the members on a qualitative rather than quantitive basis.

Many of the countries of the Gulf and MENA region have a civil law rather than a common law basis but, because of the background of our Partners, we are able to understand the nuances of approach of our clients from both types of jurisdictions as well as the concept that many legal transactions have been formulated on common law traditions and therefore require to be adapted to meet civil law requirements.


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