TLL Background

The Levant Lawyers TLL was founded in 2007 at the initiative and efforts made by Emile Kanaan with a view to establishing a substantial Middle Eastern Practice whether within the firm or by association with other firms in the Region.

Emile Kanaan’s wide and global experience in Europe, the US and the Middle East and longstanding relationship with international law firms paved the way for TLL to establish a formal Association with Members of CMS, an Alliance of 10 major European Law Firms with about 60 offices around the world. Although the Association was not fully implemented, an informal relationship remains in operation with various Members of CMS though no longer with mutual obligation for priority referral of legal works to be carried out in the Middle East or reversely in Europe and elsewhere.

TLL remains committed to developing a regional practice based upon delivery of a service to clients through intellectual rigor and commercial understanding. TLL has been reformed and reshaped to accord with that prerequisite into its present group of about 15 members each of whom, other than the most junior lawyers, is a high profiled selected jurist and specialized lawyer who, together with other members, concentrate on qualitative capability rather than quantity for services provided to clients. It will continue to recruit lawyers who have the same blend of academic ability and commercial realism so as to be able to offer a consistent service to clients and a challenging but rewarding career to its members.


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