Working with you

TLL recognizes that each of its Clients will have its own particular requirements. Legal support is part of the risk control and management of most commercial clients and the scope of support required will depend upon the experience of the Client not only in working within the Gulf and MENA region but also in the particular type of transaction for which TLL’s services have been or are to be retained. Some Clients will wish to rely not only on TLL’s legal expertise but also their cultural knowledge and the connections built up over 40 years of working within the region. For others, the ability of TLL to bridge the divide between Common Law based transactions and their application to Civil Law jurisdictions including those jurisdictions where Shari ‘a compliance has been incorporated in local law, will be important.

To meet its Clients’ needs, TLL has developed a business model for the creation of a legal association, known as the “TLL Legal Network”, of independent law firms in the Middle East and elsewhere and is in the course of developing agreements and other legal documents to enable Legal Practitioners from the various Gulf and MENA Countries to move from an informal co-operation to a form of alliance with the intention of enabling Clients to achieve their objectives within the region whether through inward investment and other transactions or outwardly from the region into Europe and elsewhere.

  • To meet its Clients requirements, TLL has been and is aligning itself with its Clients’ objectives through:
  • Supporting the development of the Clients’ respective businesses;
  • The delivery of a seamless service to Clients through the TLL Network;
  • Ensuring within the TLL Network that the necessary skills are available to Clients at the time and place required;
  • Enabling Clients to have single access to or out of the region without the need to instruct separate firms of lawyers in each jurisdiction.

Within the region, personal connections remain an important part of conducting business and resolving issues. This gives rise to three key issues. Firstly, recognising that many multi national and international Clients need to have an audit trail to show compliance at all times with domestic anti corruption legislation, TLL’s lawyers work to the highest ethical standards in their dealings on behalf of their Clients and will maintain appropriate records. Secondly, many of TLL’s Clients value personal relationships and wish their preferred lawyer within TLL to be involved in their transactions even where he or she may not be the specialist. Whatever way Clients wish their transactions to be run, TLL has the flexibility to meet those needs in an ethical, cost efficient and expeditious manner.

Thirdly Clients wish to know that the advice they are receiving from within the region is of the quality necessary to meet the requirements of good corporate governance. Accordingly Clients often request TLL to be part of their quality assurance regime in relation to the performance of other lawyers within the region and within that capacity TLL has supported multinational legal entities and companies such as: UN- ESCWA, the Lebanese Government, local Authorities, Lutron, Invista, Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH, Standard Brands, Koln Messe, Monsanto, Halifax Bank Gopa (EU Consultant), Toray Medical Co. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co Ltd, Kodak (Near East) Inc., Caresteram Health (Near East) Limited., Taurus Petroleum Limited, SDC International, Caporal et Moretti, Nestlé International, LACECO International, Gandour Group (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, India and several other Far Eastern Countries), Lebanese Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).

Each transaction will have a Partner in charge and each Client will have a Partner to look after them across the spectrum of transactions. In the unlikely event that a Client has an issue with the service received it is encouraged to access the Senior Partner so that he may quickly resolve any issue before it becomes an annoyance.

For each transaction, lawyers with the appropriate experience will be allocated to the matter. Whilst knowledge of the law and the industry is a given, some Clients require lawyers to be part of the development of a transaction from the outset whilst others will seek particular advice on a specific issue as part of a transaction and TLL has the flexibility to deliver across the spectrum of demand.

International or multinational transactions may require a number of law firms working together across different time zones. TLL is experienced in working within co-locational teams otherwise known as virtual teams; the importance of communication is understood in terms of ensuring that the Client and other relevant team members know what is going on without inundating with superfluous material as is the importance of ensuring that each member of the team believes that all are working for the Client’s common good.


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